Prof. Ken Wallace

Cambridge University

Through his work at the Engineering Department of Cambridge University, Professor Ken Wallace communicated to generations of Engineering Graduates a passion for design and for the creative possibilities within professional practice.
Under Wallace’s leadership, the design of products and Design Theory were introduced to the curriculum, and it is his development of design teaching through hands-on-projects of designing, building and testing products that led to the establishment of the Integrated Design Project, an interdisciplinary and team working project designing autonomous robot vehicles.
Wallace’s research and systematic analysis of the design process in the industrial environment have had a major influence on the development of systematic engineering design methods.
The dissemination of his research, his development of a design science vocabulary and his innovations at Cambridge made him a leading player in the development of Design within Engineering courses world wide.
Ken Wallace died on 3 March 2018 following a short battle with cancer.

Sir Misha Black Award