Jane McCann

Research Fellow, University of Derby

Having established the first and only masters programme in Performance Sportswear Design at the University of Derby in 1995, Jane McCann has made an outstanding contribution to the development of the field.
A research Fellow for the Institute of Colour Imaging at the University of Derby, McCann has gained an international reputation as a leading authority on the subject of performance sportswear in the world of education.
As a teacher, McCann established an academic community that broke down the barriers between the subject areas of design and science, particularly between textiles, fashion, graphic and product design, and those in the sphere of human biology, information technology, contextual studies and marketing. This multi disciplinary approach opened the doors to new developments in the traditional fields of textiles and fashion design.
McCann has worked with universities in Finland, China, Northern Ireland and Wales, where she is director of the Smart Clothes and Wearable Technologies (SCWT) Research Centre at the University of Wales, Newport.
As well as her academic work, McCann acts as a consultant to many of the top names in the sports clothing industry. The results of such work, driven largely by technological innovation, have found a much wider application, taking her studies into the fields of sustainable design, protective and corporate clothing, intelligent clothes, clothes for the third age group and those with special needs.

Jane McCann

University of Derby

Sir Misha Black Award