National Art&Design Saturday Club

The Sorrell Foundation

The National Art&Design Saturday Club introduces young people aged 14-16 to art and design and gives them the opportunity to study it at their local college or university. The classes are free. This exciting programme bridges the gap between secondary and tertiary education and introduces secondary level students to the practice of art and design and to leading practitioners. It provides a clear pathway to further and higher education and a career in the creative industries in which the UK excels.

Now in its sixth year, the National Art&Design Saturday Club is running in 32 colleges and universities throughout the UK and at the V&A Museum in London. It has over 1,000 Club Members from 270 local schools. They are taught by 220 tutors supported by 110 student assistants and a network of 88 artists, designers and architects.

The 100 hours of expert tuition received by Club members gives young people opportunities for learning and expression in a contrasting context to everyday school lessons. It also provides them with an opportunity to build new friendships outside school with those of like minded interests. A survey showed that 70% of the Club Members had never visited a museum or art gallery and visits arranged by the Club provide opportunities to which members would not otherwise have access.

The Saturday Club takes its inspiration from Saturday morning classes which ran in art schools from the 1950s to the 1970s. This scheme was launched by the Government after the second world war and both Sir John and Lady Sorrell participated in these classes, giving them what proved to be their first steps on the ladder to extremely successful careers in design.

The Sorrell Foundation was set up in 1999 by John and Frances Sorrell who had previously run Newell and Sorrell, one of the UK’s leading international communications agencies. The aim of the Foundation is to inspire creativity in young people and to improve lives through design.

Sir Misha Black Award